As I have done at the kick off to each D&C tour I attempt request/predict which new songs of the vast Grateful Dead catalogue will be added to the well over 100 different songs they have played together, went 8/12 last summer, the same 8 people read my lists so I am sure you all won't mind this one for me ✌🏼🎸💀⚡️
  1. •
    Lazy River Road
  2. •
    The Eleven
  3. •
    To Lay Me Down
  4. •
    Cream Puff War
  5. •
    High Time
  6. •
    Weather Report Suite
    They played Let it Grow but not the whole suite.....
  7. •
    Walkin' Blues
  8. •
    Dark Hollow
  9. •
    Comes a Time. ✅
    3rd time must be a charm....
  10. •
    Foolish Heart
  11. •
    Attics of My Life
  12. •
  13. •
    5/27 Vegas show, phenomenal show some really great/different versions of the songs, no bust outs at this show but a very beautiful tribute to the great Gregg Allman during the encore ✌🏼RIP
    Great start to the couch tour
  14. •
    5/28 Phoenix
    Another killer show, a Sugaree to new tunes Busted out but also no repeats from previous show, let's see how many shows they go before repeat. A little bit of Dead & Country for the Phx crowd, great start to the tour. John took a turn singing Crazy Fingers in between Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance and Scarlet/Fire, wild Casey Jones closed out the second set and Samson the first....another great one for the books
  15. •
    5/31 closing out May at the Bowl Hollywood style
    I predict 3rd straight show with no repeated songs from this tour, show me any one other band playing today who would attempt that. I like Eyes, Help/Slipknot/Franklin's tour debut tonight and an Althea sighting if one of my songs gets played tonight it is most likely High Time. Enjoy the show ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  16. •
    Not terrible predictions, no new bust out at night one in LA but they did play Althea and Help/Slip/Franklin's.....tonight's predictions sure to be wrong coming later, it was also as predicted 3rd show no tour repeats, I think they will make it to 5
  17. •
    6/1 night 2 at the Bowl
    Predictions sure to be wrong, I like Estimated Prophet, Hell in a Bucket, West LAFadeaway, Eyes, Mississippi Half Step and 4th straight show of no repeats. I also like a Dylan cover A Hard Rains Gonna Fall....we will see, best opportunity for a Bust Out tonight will be Foolish Heart, enjoy the show ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  18. •
    Well I missed on Eyes again but I would say I nailed it otherwise last night....what an amazing setlist, will be hard to put do this show, just wow! no new bust outs yet but the band is sounding amazing ✌🏼waiting on Shoreline this weekend
  19. •
    6/3 nothing beats a Shoreline show
    Show predictions #5 straight no tour repeats. Tonight I like Eyes, Big River, Row Jimmy, Easy Wind, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Throwing Stones and Iko Iko opener. Standing on the Moon and Wharf Rat will be played one of these 2 nights. I like Black Muddy River closing tonight and Brokedown Palace closing tomorrow. If there is a repeat it will be to keep tradition and play One More Saturday Night. best bust out likely is High Time. Enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  20. •
    Folsom Field Night 1 6/9/17
    I am predicting an Iko opener, New Speedway Boogie, Werewolves of London cover and a post Space>Dear Prudence>Days Between...Ripple encore. Let's see how I do, best chance at a bust out tonight is The Eleven
  21. •
    Night 2 in CO 6/10/17
    Will be another classic with a few days until the next show and heading Eastward ⚡️💀🌹⚡️. Still like Dear Prudence into Days Between and Scarlet/Fire tonight enjoy
  22. •
    Heading East now Atlanta 6/13
    I feel a little Cowboy Bobby in the setlist tonight for some reason, Me and My Uncle, El Paso, Mexicali Blues, Peggy-O, Big Boss Man and a second set to include Terrapin, Dear Prudence and Days. Enjoy and get ready for Fenway Double this weekend ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  23. •
    Burgettstown, PA 6/15
    Ok horrible first set picks Tues, did ok on my second set, so as all good Deadheads do we attempt to predict yet another show.....I like an Iko opener, Looks Like Rain , Sugaree, Jack Straw, I need a miracle, second set Eyes, lost sailor/Saint, throwing stones and I say they will bust out a song tonight.....encore of US blues
  24. •
    Saratoga 6/20
    These guys are just getting better and better, blowing my mind....Fenway, night 1...come on and an acoustic Dark Star night 2. Ok for fun because I am horrible at this. I am predicting Bertha, china/rider, All along the Watchtower, Hell in a Bucket, lost sailor/Saint and Box of Rain. Opener Iko, closer sugar magnolia and encore touch of grey.....enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  25. •
    6/22 Bristow
    Did ok last show ✌🏼. I like Lovelight, Althea, Wharf Rat, Stella Blue, birdsong, woman are smarter, eyes, Viola lee blues, encore touch o grey....enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  26. •
    6/24 NYC Citifield
    Doing ok of late picking at least a few....I like Jack Straw, Birdsong, Stella Blue, Box of Rain, Easy Wind, Truckin, Casey Jones, One More Saturday Night, Help/Slip/Franklin's, Wharf Rat, The Other One and Ripple encore....Comes a Time was sound checked so that would me 1st new song of my 11 this tour enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  27. •
    6/25 Camden, NJ Never miss a Sunday Show ✌🏼
    How about these artists though, such great posters. Going to be tough to top that show last night, my first Bust out of this tour in Comes a Time (which I have been asking for since 2015 tour) and well worth the wait, just wow! Ok after picking a few last night I'll say the obvious Samson, then help/slip/Franklin's, Stella blue, days between, Box of Rain, when I paint my masterpiece, loser, easy wind, candyman, big boss man, Fotd, Iko opener and BMR encore, possible sugaree ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  28. •
    6/28 Cuyahoga Falls
    Down to the final stretches of the tour with 2 shows in Wrigley to follow. So it makes this show especially tough to predict. I am going with a bust out of High Time, cold rain and snow, candyman, loose Lucy, Big River, Bertha, music never stopped opener, ripple encore, Dear Prudence, Lost Sailor/Saint, black throated wind and Good Lovin'.....enjoy and prepare for the closers in Chicago ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  29. •
    6/30 Night 1 at iconic Wrigley (Dead & Co 1st here)
    Can't believe it is already down to the last 2 shows, no better place to close out than Chicago.....I imagine these 2 shows will be filled with heavy hitting sets. Tonight I like music never stopped opener, sugaree, loose Lucy, Althea, new minglewood, ujb, Scarlet/fire second set opener Oteils China Doll, eyes, Terrapin, morning dew and ripple encore. Which leaves a big show to close out the tour, enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️heard they sound checked It Hurts Me Too so Easy Wind not likely :)
  30. •
    7/1 Tour Close out at Wrigley
    Sad day tour finale....but will be a great show no doubt. I expect Here comes Sunshine opener, Playing in the band, the other one, Days Between, Eyes, scarlet/fire, Brokedown encore, one more Saturday, not fade away, Althea, deal, Casey Jones, fotd, Cassidy, Estimated, Lost Sailor/Saint and a few surprises, some blues as in Viola, it hurts me too, gdtrfb, throwing stones......setting up to be grate enjoy ⚡️💀🌹⚡️
  31. •
    Just because