One of Life's Great Mysteries is Finally Solved

  1. Now each of us holds near a particular fondness to try and find answers to or navigate through the journey of the unanswerable or unsolved mysteries of life
  2. The Great Pyramid with 8 sides
    Why can you only see from above 2 days out of the year when built at a time when NO ONE COULD BE ABOVE!!!!
  3. Stonehenge
  4. Loch Ness Monster
    Dinosaurs still alive today?
  5. Big Foot
    I mean I have seen some crazy shit it the woods....
  6. Lost City of Atlantis
    Was it real?
  7. Roswell and Area 51
    Come on it must be true, right?
  8. The Wow! signal
    What were you trying to tell us Sagittarius? Give us more than 72 seconds?
  9. Where is Jimmy Hoffa's Body
    Where are you Mr Hoffa?
  10. Kryptos
    What is the 4th coded message?
  11. The Big Bang
    What was there just prior?
  12. The Space Time Continuum
    The time arrow only points forward and never stops expanding, why?
  13. Ft Knox Gold
    No idea if the gold exists or just a big cover up to imply the health and wealth of our nation
  14. Walt Grace
    Finally!!!!!! I can check one off my has been revealed......He made it ✌🏼🎸......last night at MSG,