Small Town News

Hometown updates from my mom during Thanksgiving break
  1. D-Lite Donuts opened up where the old Blimpies used to be.
    "They also sell sushi."
  2. There's a brand new football stadium being built.
    My far-from-academically-rigorous high school is dropping $2.5 mil on a new football stadium (complete with Jumbotron) for our team that's won 2 games in the last 2 years 🙄🙄🙄
  3. Mama G's (a local Italian restaurant) burned.
    "To the ground." 😔
  4. Sweet Breads, which burned down last year, has reopened.
    (This is actually a really big deal)
  5. The newest stores all over the county are thrift stores.
  6. There's a new Goodwill in the old Walmart building.
    "Have you been there yet? I'll show it to you. It's humongous."
  7. The Dollar General that opened on our street is, as expected, the worst thing that has ever happened.
    "Grace, it's awful! You can see the lights from our yard!"