let me tell u
  1. they're original Levi's and the buttons say San Francisco on them
    how nice
  2. they're really light wash
    like a light blu eggshell
  3. I roll them up twice because it's important to show off your socks
  4. they have a coffee stain on the left leg
    it happens ok
  5. I got them at the coolest store in Hyde Park NY
    this place was called like surviving sisters or something and it was a house made into a vintage/consignment store and the lady there cut a sunflower from her garden and gave it to me to take home
  6. I was going to cut them into shorts when I bought them
    thank god this scary thing did not happen
  7. I need to wash them right now
    even though my gf said u shouldn't wash ur jeans (what a loser)