Being a SAHM is great and I absolutely love being one! However, running after a precocious 1yr old all day leaves you with little time for yourself. Which is why I so look forward to my son's 2-hr afternoon naps! Time, time, time!!! Now I can get a lot of stuff done!!! Then here's what I find myself doing...
  1. Lying down
    hey, running after a curious kid aint easy! :p
  2. Sleeping
    it can wear you out!
  3. Binge-watching shows
    currently, The Good Wife on our local netflix. How is it I'm only discovering this show now?! 👍
  4. Cleaning up
    but only to put away my son's things from the morning. serious cleaning? nope. the room is still a mess 😝
  5. Surfing the internet
    9gag or something... there's 2 hours i'm never getting back :p
  6. Shopping
    yes, of course I only do that when I'm at my mom's for the day so there's someone else to watch him- but only after I put him to sleep (coz he won't let anyone else do it!)
  7. Reading other people's lists
    this is a new one!
  8. Just watching my son sleep
    this one's my favorite, and time well-spent! ❤️