Free Comic Book Day: North Eastern Ride for Dorks

On Saturday, May 7th, 2016, Matt, Sara, and Jared went on the most nerdiest adventure. They set out to visit 4 cities in 4 states visiting comic shops to celebrate free comic book day. They called it the North Eastern Ride for Dorks
  1. Baltimore, Maryland: Collectors Corner.
    Collectors Corner opened its doors to customers in September of 2001 on Harford Rd. in Parkville, Maryland. Since that time through our store, web site, and conventions, we have provided comic book readers and collectors with a wide variety of comic book related merchandise.
  2. Baltimore, Maryland: Geppi's Entertainment Museum
    Geppi's Entertainment Museum is a 16,000-square-foot privately owned pop culture museum located at historic Camden Station at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.
  3. Newark, Delaware: Captain Blue Hen Comics
    Captain Blue Hen Comics, founded in 1980 by Paul Stitik, is over thirty years young. As Paul longfully looked toward retirement from teaching and “the biz”, he chose to hand the reins to long-time employee Joe Murray and his wife Danielle. Hey, Paul is still around, he’s been promoted to Admiral, and he lends his guidance and support....
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Atomic City Comics
    Atomic City is the most complete pop culture store in Philadelphia. We carry the city's largest stock of comics, manga and graphic novels. We carry a large selection of comic, movie, and television t-shirts...
  5. New York, New York: Midtown Comics Time Square
    Midtown Comics is a New York City comic book retailer with three shops in Manhattan and an e-commerce website. The largest comic book store in the United States, the company opened its first store in the Times Square area in 1997