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A few of the ways you can help your friends feel comfortable and welcome when they come to stuff with us. Whether on the 4th Floor, in the sanctuary, or on a trip, you can include them in meaningful ways.
  1. Give them a tour
    Show them the place! Where things are like gathering rooms, places to get food and DRANK, restrooms, exits, the creepy dummy named Gary, or just the most comfortable places to sit. When you make our home their home, they feel welcomed.
  2. Introduce them to people
    Being in a new place is intimidating if you don't know many people. Introduce your friends to Eric, to your friends, to Gary the dummy, and (most importantly) our adult volunteers like your Bible study teachers.
  3. Get them something to DRANK or eat
    We have coffee, drinks, cereal, and snackage! Offer it to them. Sometimes a snack or drink is a great buffer for meeting new people. You know, to sip when there's an awkward moment after you introduce them to Gary and Gary remains silent.
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  1. Hot coffee and the cold
  2. A reason to set a fire in the fireplace
  3. Somehow snow makes my beard look fierce!
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