I love being English... 100% ... But as a total nerd for American TV , I am missing out. It's really not cool.
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    The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon
    Numero uno is a bit bias because I obsess over Jimmy like a 13 year old over One Direction... It's embarrassing how many fan accounts I follow on Instagram. Also a massive fan of the show and the skits etc. All I get is whatever they decide to post on YouTube. We don't have daily Late Night talk shows here, it sucks. (Would also like Late Night with Seth on over here too!) @JimmyFallon @FallonTonight
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    The Mindy Project
    When it was on Fox we would get it like 6months later on e4... No word yet on whether we will get it now it's on Hulu. Mindy Kaling is my BeyoncΓ© Padthai (if you get that, we can be friends) I πŸ’— Mindy Kaling... And Mindy Lahiri... And Kelly Kapoor @mindy
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    Again: all I get is whatever I can find on YouTube. The app isn't available in the UK, I can't even get any of the "Best Of..." on iTunes... It bums me out. I want to see the classics too - we've missed out on 40 years over here! Also - when I quote things from sketches no one has a clue what I'm on about so I just sound crazy. I want people to understand my references.
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    The Office (U.S)
    YES I know we made the original, and it was great, but we never got the amazing US version?! I think it was on our Netflix but got removed before I downloaded Netflix ... BRING IT BACK - I WANT TO BINGE WATCH. Soupsnakes. @mindy @bjnovak
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    30 Rock
    Had to buy the box set on iTunes... Β£40... I have a 16gb iPad so have to delete episodes after I watch them so I can download more... I feel like this should be free to stream as a public service. (I'm aware I'm getting whiny at this point... I'm tired). I πŸ’— Tina Fey
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    Once again - we get it MONTHS after it is on in the US, I want to watch it NOW!!!! Olivia Pope would not settle for this!!!! @shondarhimes
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    Parks & Rec
    Our TV network Dave (don't ask) have started showing season 4.... But haven't shown 1-3?! WHAT THE HELL?! How is that logical?! Fuck Dave. I πŸ’— Amy Poehler
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    There are OBVIOUSLY kajillions of other shows I'm missing because I'm in the UK... Don't rub it in. 😩
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    I caved and bought all of The Office on iTunes. It was worth the Β£50.
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    I also caved and bought all of Parks & Rec. I regret nothing
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    @FallonTonight IS COMING TO THE UK ON E! IN NOVEMBER!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»