Here are charities that I regularly support - please help me fundraise💗 @list
  1. Note that I support these charities because of my Grampy. Hopefully you will be able to see how much these diseases have ruined my life, and how I will fight to stop people having to go through what we did. 💙
  2. Dorothy House Hospice
    An amazing hospice near me that massively helped my tiny family when Nan broke her back and couldn't care for my terminally ill Grampy. Not only did they give him amazing care, but the grounds were beautiful, the support they showed our family was second to none and it didn't feel "hospicey". We never wanted Gramps away from home, but sometimes needs must, and Dorothy House was so much more than I could've hoped for. They rely on donations - please look at their website 💗
  3. Parkinsons UK
    Gramps had Parkinson's - it was horrible... Your body just shuts down and forgets how to work. Big strides are being made in finding a cure for it, we get regular email updates... But it can't be done without funding
  4. Alzheimer's Society
    It's hard to describe how I felt the first time that Gramps didn't know who I was. He had forgotten mum and nan before, but not me. Sitting there with him looking at me like I was a total stranger, wondering who this person was, was the first time my heart got broken. I saw it click in his head after nan said my name to him, and I could see the guilt that he had forgotten me... But it was done, I cried the whole way home, and cry typing this as I remember the look in his eyes. 💙
  5. Cancer Research UK
    Cancer was what got Gramps in the end. The last couple of years had been a guessing game of what would beat him... But in the end it was cancer. Cancer hurts you and stops you breathing, it puts you in pain and makes the people that love you watch. Cancer is the ISIS of diseases, and it needs to be stopped