I've got a new celebrity crush...

I already have far too many, I'm delusional, this is another to add to the list (another list for another time!)
  1. My new crush is a man called Joel Dommett
  2. He is a comedian and is currently on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here
  3. I have a crush on him for multiple reasons, see below:
  4. 1. He is a comedian
    I am INSTANTLY attracted to people who want to make people laugh & can make me laugh.
  5. 2. He is a maths geek like me
    He has a tattoo on his arm of pi to 106 decimal places - I have it memorised to 21 and love that he cares about pi. He said that the thing he hates about that tattoo is that it "makes it look like pi is an absolute. If pi was an absolute, the world would be changed forever" 💗 I love that level of maths passion - he is also correct
  6. 3. HE IS SO FIT
    Since when were comedians THAT RIPPED!!!!???!!!
  7. 4. I've seen his peen on the internet.
    He got catfished by someone online and had "Skype sex" ... then the footage got released a few weeks before he went into the jungle... It's a substantial peen, I'm happy with it.
  8. So fit...
  9. I'm not usually a beard girl... but his just makes his teeth look more perfect...
    His smile 😍😈
  10. (I can post the link to see his peen on the internet if anyone else is as much of a perv as me...)