I wanted to see what @JimmyFallon GIFs were on here... (To stop me worrying about the EU Ref)

I have a liiiiiiiittle crush... A liiiiiiittle obsession... And wanted to find some GIFs to make me smile instead of worrying about Brexit all night and about how we could ruin the global economy.
  1. I love this. Anything with Elmo is instantly worth a smile.
  2. 😘
  3. Occasionally I'm letting myself think about if Remain wins and my head dances like my fave Weekend Update team (TinAmy is a close 2nd)
  4. These gifs are calming me. His pretty little face is just co cute and I just wanna squeeze it. 😊
  5. Ohhh the little glisten (is that the word? It's almost 1am and I'm blanking) in his eyes 😏
  6. I want to find this actual weekend update somewhere, there are 4 gifs from it and I almost pee laughing whenever I see them.
  7. Ahhhh... Think I've forgotten about Brexit now... BOLLOCKS. Now I've remembered it. ... I need a bigger distraction... Maybe something like this...
  8. Oh James. 😍