It's 2am and I keep getting sadder about this world.

I decided to have a browse on MailOnline to help me sleep... The first 3 stories I saw were:
  1. Lindsay Lohan being abused by her fiancée.
    This isn't ok. Why didn't the photographers step in and stop this?!!!!
  2. Alex Reid publicly announcing that his ex (and mother of his child) needs liposuction after she said how happy she is in her body.
    Alex Reid, the epitome of male perfection. He was in a scandal for building a "sex dungeon" in the home he shared with Chantelle and their child
  3. Christopher Biggins (gay national treasure) getting thrown out of the BB house for saying that bisexuals cause the spread of HIV
    Biggins you were so loved?! You were in there less than a week?!
  4. So many horrendous, vile things are happening in politics - I keep forgetting that so much vile shit is happening everywhere else
    I wanted some celebrity gossip to make me happy at 2am when I can't sleep... This has just made me sadder. 😔😢