Hi, I live about 5miles from Glastonbury festival. It starts tomorrow and I'm already pre-annoyed
  1. I went one year (for free) and saw Beyoncé. I was stood thinking "maybe I was wrong?!" then I turned around to see a man stood right behind me peeing on the floor as he drank his beer and sang along to Queen Bey.
    We had been chatting to him and his friends all day, they seemed lovely... Then I accidentally saw his peen. We were downhill from him... We had to move so we didn't get his wee on our bags.
  2. For a few weeks now, signs and temporary traffic lights have been going up...
    Traffic issues
  3. I have to drive past the festival site (in Pilton, not actually in Glastonbury) to visit my mum and my nan...
    Traffic issues
  4. The shelves of my local supermarkets have been gradually emptying for about a week now...
    All I want is some Diet Coke!!
  5. HOW DO SO MANY PEOPLE OWN CARAVANS?! They're everywhere, it's an epidemic.
    And why does no one know how to drive them?!
  6. People think it's acceptable to walk around in PJ's and stinking of mud
    I genuinely saw a grown woman with pink hair dressed in a unicorn onesie outside the shop today, smoking a joint
  7. People just walk ANYWHERE
    "No pavement? No problem, I'll just clog the roads even more!"
  8. 40odd years in and traffic is still a nightmare, the cars in my mums town have moved about 50yards in an hour.
    When I was a kid we used to sell cans of drink to the queuing people
  9. People have no respect...
    It's not their community so they just dump their rubbish wherever they please.
  10. Half of the people I see over the next week will be drunk or on drugs.
    I don't like it, Somerset is a sleepy county, we don't need your drugs.
  11. People don't seem to understand WHY I don't want to go.
    "Could you not get tickets?" NO, I just don't want to spend £300 to sit in a muddy field in the rain for 5 days with toilets like Slumdog Millionaire!!
  12. It will be all I see/hear about for the next month
    You saw Coldplay? Cool. So did 150,000 other people that day... And all the people that were watching on TV and had a better view? I don't like Coldplay.
  13. This list is likely to grow as I get more irritable over the next week! Sorry Li.sters - wish I could be more positive about the situation.
  14. It's 7pm on the day they opened the gates, apparently traffic is worse than normal because the festival site is mud bound due to rain.... Feeling super smug when I drive past all the traffic at a stand still...
    One lady on the news earlier said it took her less time to fly from Vegas to England than it did to get through the traffic into the festival 😂😂