I don't usually speak out about serious things...But I'm feeling reflective tonight.
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    I just posted this on my Facebook and it made me think a little deeper.
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    We still need change for women
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    It's unacceptable that I regularly get told I look intelligent now I don't have blonde hair
    By friends, family and colleagues... Do blonde men get classed as stupid?
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    It's unacceptable that I get told I will need to work harder to prove to people I don't "just care about celebrities and shoes"
    FYI: I work for a global footwear fashion retailer as a Commercial Analyst.... I think it's a bonus that I care about shoes...
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    It's unacceptable that my friend (who works in HR) got told she looked "ready to work and do her job well" after she straightened her hair.
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    It's unacceptable that when I told a policewoman I was going for an exam, she assumed it was on hair/beauty.
    She was genuinely surprised when I told her it was an accountancy exam. I really don't know how to feel about that one, it's just a weird thing I have noticed.
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    It's unacceptable that I received an article in a newsletter letter from my accountancy board saying that we probably won't have equal pay until 2130
    My male colleague said "equal pay between who...? Oh I didn't think that was a problem anymore."
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    Sexism is so built into our culture that people don't realise that it is still an issue?!
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    We need to do better, to make changes, for ourselves and for our future daughters.
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    Every time I think about how shitty it still is being a woman (especially in business), I think about how different races have it so much worse. The pay gap between white men and WOC is way bigger than mine as a white woman... And men are still being targeted by police for the colour of their skin because of inbuilt bias.
    I could have it so much worse and I feel guilty for standing up on this issue when there are so many others that I need to be doing more for.... I just don't know how.
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