What's that phrase "a picture is a thousand words" or something...? Yeah, that.
  1. When a friend is being a pussy and only Gordon Ramsey's tough love will do...
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  2. When someone is offensive towards food or TV... @mindy
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  3. When I send/receive a screenshot from a hilarious/ stupid/ sassy conversation... Or it's obvious that I'm laughing at my own joke...
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  4. When I inevitably say something stupid... Or date someone stupid...
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  5. When someone calls me a bitch (I'm totally not by the way...) ...
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  6. When I make a joke out of being single/living alone...
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  7. When I say something then realise that it makes me sound like an old spinster...
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  8. When some punk/ my best friend is blowing up my phone...
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  9. All the fucking time. Sassy Hills is 🙌🏻
  10. When someone has a HOT AF selfie and I need to get all up in it.
  11. When I'm asked where I want to go for dinner.
  12. When I'm relaying a conversation with an asshole to my best friend.
  13. When I'm explaining to someone what my boss (named Deb) did that day.
    I use this a lot.