Was just trying to work out when I'm next on and started dreading the back pain and late night tears and leg cramps and the 9lb weight gain for a week etc etc etc... Then I got annoyed because periods would be VERY different if men had periods in this society...
  1. The subject of periods would not be taboo or gross
    ... Women know not to say anything more than whispering "time of the month" while pulling a 😣 face... What would men say "OHGOD MY BACK IS AGONY AND MY WOMB LINING IS TEARING AND COMING OUT OF ME... AND I'M GOING HOME AMD NOT MOVING FOR 5 DAYS"
  2. Tampons would be free
    And available EVERYWHERE: every public bathroom, buckets of them to take in supermarkets and work places, everyone would have them visible to use in their house... THEY WOULDN'T BE TAXED AS A "LUXURY ITEM" LIKE THEY ARE NOW 😡
  3. Birth control: also free
  4. Morning after pill: also free
    And available EVERYWHERE, not just on a prescription or from a "private corner" in Boots where you have to fill out a 4 page form.
  5. Abortions would be accessible for EVERYONE IF NEEDED and would be SHAME FREE.
    Sometimes birth control doesn't work, sometimes mistakes happen... SOMETIMES YOU MIGHT GET RAPED.
  6. Having periods is SHIT. The bullshit that surrounds periods makes it more shit.
  7. PS. Yes I might be slightly premenstrual while writing this ... But if you have a penis you are not allowed to tell me that I only feel this way because I am premenstrual! 😫😩
  8. Oh, and just in case...