Things I wish I could say to my younger self 🖤

I think I'm really starting to know myself... but I wish I did when I was younger; it would've made being a teenage girl with no role models so much easier.
  1. That boy didn't push you over in the playground because he likes you.
    He's a shit person, don't have sex with him when you're 16.
  2. Find some role models (no, not Regina George)
    Elle Woods from Legally Blonde is all you have right now, find some more... you love reading Louise Rennison books for about 10 years, find out more about her.
  3. Don't let your first kiss be with Lewis on the way back from the gym. He has a girlfriend and he with try to put his hand in your underwear.
    I know he's the hottest guy in school, but he treats you like shit and you should wait.
  4. Don't obsess about hearing your friend in drama class say that the hardest part about his role in the play is having to have a crush on you
    He comes out when you leave school, and is a pretty awesome guy.
  5. Don't listen to Mrs Mallord when she tells your mum that you're "an air head" - you're predicted straight A*'s - she just doesn't like you because you're too chatty
    And maybe calm down on being chatty in English, you only end up getting a B
  6. Get closer with the clever girls
    They're your intellectual peers and will help you learn who you are and share your views in the future. And Helen becomes a doctor at 23!
  7. Don't be scared of the scary girls
    Their lives don't concern you, you take totally different paths in life... but don't look down on them either, that's why they hate you; you seem snobby because you're smart.
  8. It's not OK that Chelsea ditched you the moment she got a boyfriend. It hurts, and it hurts again when your new best friend does it at 23.
    She's a shitty friend that only wants you when there is no one else. She didn't even talk to you at prom.
  9. Don't stick up for your dad so much in front of your mum
    He hurt her a lot, and you'll realise soon how hurtful he can be through thoughtlessness. And, please don't let him ruin your 21st birthday... gramps is in a Home, give a fuck whether dad was a twat.
  10. Take more photos with Gramps while he is healthy
    Please, I don't have many and I miss him
  11. Don't let people make you think it's not good to be smart and powerful
    You are determined and driven and you can have EVERYTHING YOU WANT.
  12. Be careful 💗