Oh jeez...
  1. Adam Rickett's girlfriend.
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    I was 3 and he did a music video where he was naked in a shower and I used to call him "Nakey Boy" in my little Pee Wee Herman voice. Already perving at age 3.
  2. The next Spice Girls
    I had a slightly older cousin, we would practice the routine to Stop in our Gran's kitchen then do performances for our devoted audience (poor family). I was obviously Baby.
  3. The next Britney
    I don't even need to explain... What girl didn't want to be Britney?!
  4. A lawyer
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    More specifically: Elle Woods. I love that woman. She is blonde and clever and blonde and goshdarnit she is just everything I want to be.
  5. A forensic scientist
    This one was a bit out of left field... Not really sure why this happened
  6. A lawyer (again)
    The need was so strong that I took (and failed) law at college.
  7. "Something in Finance, but not really doing Accounts... Closer to the Retail business..."
    Genuinely a quote of mine about 6months before I got my current job... My current job is a Commercial Finance Analyst and it is mainly forecasting and analysing sales... Kind of exactly what I said I wanted 💗
  8. What do I want now...?
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    I want a career where I can make people happy. It's annoyingly vague, but I really have no clue what I want to do. I know I want to be successful and I know I want to make people happy... That's about it.