1. Two people from radically different backgrounds are forced to work together to solve a problem
  2. Two people from radically different backgrounds are forced to switch places resulting in a change of perspective for both parties by the end of the movie
  3. Man disguised as over weight, large chested woman some how tricks every one into believing they are a mom/grandma. The disguise is used to help early 20 yr old son. The disguise works for a while until previously mentioned child falls in love and tells the world the truth about his mom-dad
  4. Dance team has a rough time but they pull it together in the end thanks to teamwork and passion. Movie ends with final up beat, spirit-lifting dance while the credits begin to roll
  5. Football underdog rises to the top bc of his hard work and a hella good mixtape. The film is equal parts emotional and full of testosterone. Teamwork is a major part of the film. The last/ most important game is won thanks to the underdog
  6. Anything misogynistic/ demeaning towards women
  7. Family goes on a vacation, leaving their technology driven lives behind. There is drama, but in the end they are able to rekindle their family love and have a good time.
    They also meet a family who is completely different from their own. The middle children in both families fall in love, so the two parties put their differences aside and finish the trip together in the name of middle school love