AKA people you went to school with if you grew up in LA
  1. Dude with oversized fake glasses used to get girls
    Never got girls but continued to believe in the magic of his plastic frames
  2. Kid who only has friends because of their famous parent/ godparent
    Connections are everything
  3. Kid who only has friends because of their multiple prescriptions
    Has strange behavior due to the fact that they sell the medicine they actually need/ should be taking
  4. Poorly adjusted Child actor thrown into high school after a life time of home school
    Most likely ending in the abuse of opiates in order to fit in
  5. Half blond half black haired human
  6. Girl always crying over boyfriend while wearing shirts that say "happiness" and "smile"
  7. Girl who ran away to join a circus but returned a few months later like nothing happened
    Brief disappearance is never mentioned
  8. The photographer who no longer gets invited anywhere
    Invitations are no longer extended after the incident where they posted a pic of their friend barfing into a pool/ body of water & refused to take it down "in the name of art"
  9. The girl who digs horses a little too much