1. Thatjcrewginghamshirt
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    You know the one they're talking about.
  2. Zwfmiami
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    Zoological wildlife foundation. Constant pics/vids of their new born bears, Tigers, monkeys, etc.
  3. Esterthewonderpig
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    Ester is my #1. You will not regret this follow
  4. Baddiewinkle
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    Product endorsement at its best.
  5. Advancedstyle
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    "Proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age"
  6. Dupethat
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    Shares lipstick/makeup dupes so ya don't have to beak the bank for the perf shade
  7. Goatsofanarchy
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    Self explanatory
  8. Me.
    Hit me up @genessagariano on insta!