1. Crouton was pronounced "coo-ton"
  2. Alaska was down next to Florida
    No one clarified that this was incorrect until I was 16
  3. Chihuahuas were inbred rodents
    This was a joke my dad told me. I went on to inform everyone who would listen that this was true. (Lesson: my dad needs to work on the presentation of his jokes)
  4. The North Pole was not only its own mass of icy land, but a continent.
    This fact solidified my belief in Santa for a few too many years
  5. Shaq, spelled "Shack," was not the same basketball player as Shaquille O'Neil
    Again, something I didn't learn until I was 16
  6. I would be receiving a letter from Hogwarts
    My 11th birthday came and went along with all my hopes and dreams
  7. When you broke a bone, the entire limb that was broken detached from your body
    I was jealous of my sister who broke her arm bc I thought she got to keep her arm and play with it while it was a severed limb.
  8. I believed I was a well informed, all knowing little kid
    Further inspection has proved this fact to be incredibly false.