Unpopular opinion, but it needs to be said.
  1. Wow this cover is great! I'm so excited.
  2. ...ok lots of pictures. Time to get reading. Not sure what she has done in life to deserve a book, but people seem to love it.
  3. We all know that a leatherjacket is timeless, that Kate Moss is beautiful, and that red lips dress any outfit up... Alexa, what's new??!
  4. Hmm.. I feel like I'm reading someone's fashion blog from middle school who thinks they are the first to try winged eyeliner
  5. You like twiggy's eyelashes?? Revolutionary
    My level of snark went up 10% ever page I turned
  6. Ok, so many pictures. Does this actually qualify as reading?
  7. Oh. It's over.
  8. So what exactly has she done in life to write a book? Still not sure
  9. I came to the conclusion that as long as you have pretty book cover, and you are Alexa Chung, you can get away with a shitty book wrapped in pretty paper
  10. Also, inexplicably, I loved it.
    Some one explain to me why this is true