Movies I Have Watched In 2016 (Part 1)

Because I have no life and I want to remember what movies I watched (some for the first time, some for the first time in awhile, some for the 1000th time)
  1. The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Ya um Matt Damon is attractive as hell but this movie is kind of unsettling and I never ever want to watch again.
  2. Ghostbusters 2
    The villain in this is freaky as fuck but the gang is together and that's what makes it great
  3. Lilo and Stitch
    My younger sister is Lilo. Also I kind of forgot how sad this movie is????
  4. The Long Kiss Goodnight
    I used to watch this repeatedly as a child and after watching it again it's still one of the best things ever. (There are apparently no gifs of this movie??)
  5. Big Fish
    Seriously wonderful and moving and just goddamn lovely!!!!
  6. Galaxy Quest
    Alan Rickman 😭💞
  7. Horrible Bosses
    Hilarious. Also maybe a little bit in love with Charlie Day. (Also the scene the gif is from had me in tears from laughter)
  8. Horrible Bosses 2
    Obviously not as good as the first but omfg I love the cast of this movie so it was great in that sense. Also Chris Pine??!! Why u gotta be such a douche in all ur movies lately.
  9. The Turning Point
    Anne Bancroft deserved the Oscar. Also my Russian bby Mikhail Baryshnikov.
  10. Nine to Five
    Kind of solidified my love for Dolly Parton.
  11. Notting Hill
    Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts did not have a lot of chemistry - would have been perfect with a different actress I think. Still cute tho.
  12. Groundhog Day
    A yearly tradition obviously. Bill Murray 5ever.
  13. She's The Man
    It really is a very clever movie. I also watched this in 10th grade English- happy memories 😂
  14. Moulin Rouge
    💯 😍😭😭😭👅🎤
  15. The Big Short
    I felt prepared to watch this because I took Economics 1000- I have never felt dumber in my whole life.
  16. Coraline
    A weird but kind of really great movie.
  17. The Purge: Anarchy
    My friend promised me that this movie wouldn't be scary and she was right. I actually quite liked it in all its thriller/killer nature.
  18. Deadpool
    Ryan Reynolds was perfect in every way for this movie, as was the rest of the film in general really. The self-awareness was kind of the best thing ever.
  19. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    Cary Ewles and Mel Brooks. Perfection.
  20. Zootopia
    At first you think it's a cute lil kids movie and then BAM real life social parallels that make you do a double take.
  21. Far from the Madding Crowd
    Seriously amazing and wonderful and romantic and FEELINGS (and the guy is MAD ATTRACTIVE)
  22. Kingsman: The Secret Service
    There is nothing I don't love about this movie. The characters. The dialogue. The plot. It's all perfect!!!!
  23. Muriel's Wedding
    It was okaaaay, I was hoping there would be more ABBA but whatever. Toni Colette is a great actress.
  24. Across the Universe
  25. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    I mean John Corbett is a dream and Nia Vardalos is fabulous (as a random side note when I looked for a gif Big Fat Quiz of the Year came up so that was wonderful too)
  26. Bridget Jones's Diary
    This movie is my happy place. There is nothing I don't love. (I could use literally every gif but this one gives me ALLLLLL the Colin Firth feels)
  27. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
    I actually kind of really dislike this movie- why did you do this to me!!!!!!! (Really hoping Bridget Jones's Baby will be good- I have faith)
  28. Testament of Youth
    Destroyed all of my feelings. Taron Egerton is also bae in everything.
  29. The Calendar Girls
    Fucking great and funny. I adore Helen Mirren and Julie Walters so much.
  30. Miss Congeniality
    Just a really great comedy and Sandra Bullock movie.
  31. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Samwise Gamgee and Aragorn. That is all.
  32. The Jungle Book
    Sooooo good. And the kid in it is so talented especially when you think of the fact that he was literally acting by himself in front of a green screen and puppets - LIKE WOW
  33. Top Gun
    Tom Cruise is the man and I understood about 1/2 of the dialogue. Also, GOOSE 😥
  34. The Pacifier
    Vin Diesel is hilarious and more people should appreciate that.
  35. Spy
    Was far better than what I expected -kudos Paul Fieg
  36. V for Vendetta
    Seriously one of the most powerful, touching, and intriguing films I have ever watched.
  37. A Grand Affair
    I understood nothing about this movie and hated almost every minute of it. (And no gifs - which I agree with)
  38. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
    Better than I expected - definitely see the appeal.
  39. Grown Ups
    Rewatching for the first time since seeing it in theatres - NOT GOD AWFUL.
  40. Grown Ups 2
  41. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
    This is apparently the only gif they have of this movie?? (Which Maggie Smith is incredible in btw.)
  42. Earthquake
    I remember watching this as a kid and becoming so unbelievably scared of Earthquakes, so I decided to rewatch it. Kind of not bad really.
  43. Coming to America
    It was eh.
  44. Much Ado About Nothing
    Nobody does Shakespeare like Branagh 😍 (all the gifs were of Keanu???? Why???)
  45. Very Good Girls
    Elizabeth Olson is wonderful.
  46. Nine Months
    I love you Hugh Grant, but not so much this movie.
  47. Kick Ass 2
    Some of it was okay, mostly it was just a disappointment. But Jim Carrey was very un-Jim Carrey like so that was cool!!?
  48. The Oranges
    I don't really know how I feel about this movie, parts of it were good but it wasn't OMG super good. Also I don't like Hugh Laurie without his accent :(((
  49. She's Funny That Way
    Fine. Random, but fine. (Love Imogen Poots 😆)
  50. The Princess Bride
    Nothing compares to this movie, literally everything is perfection and THE HUMOUR MY GOD. Every piece of dialogue is perfection. Also Cary Ewles has my heart forever.
  51. White Nights
    I GODDAMN LOVE MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV 💘 (also not a bad lil movie)
  52. An Education
    Started my love for Carey Mulligan. Started the trend of Peter Sarsgaard continuously playing creepy dudes.
  53. Mrs. Doubtfire
    I watched this with my grandmother who had never seen it before - still fantastic.
  54. Sense and Sensibility
    Everything about this movie. Everything.
  55. Captain America: Civil War
    I mean the story was pretty good, the tie-ins are fantastic and everyone in it is just great. But srsly Bucky and Black Panther were incredible.
  56. Diary of a Teenage Girl
    There's just something fucking fantastic about this movie
  57. Singin in the Rain
    Childhood fav- still as perfect as ever.
  58. St. Elmo's Fire
    A lil bit problematic but damn I love Andrew McCarthy's cute lil face.
  59. Obvious Child
    Seriously great, Jenny Slate is awesome and it handles such a sensitive issue with great humour and open-mindedness.
  60. Ruby Sparks
    Cute AF. Also kinda deep. Also Chris Messina was in it and was perfect!!!!!!
  61. Pride
    Incredible. Amazing. Heartfelt. Touching. Funny. Perfect. I've got tears running down my face as I write this. ITS JUST SO GOOD!!!!!!! 🌈❤️💛💚💙💜💖
  62. Shrek 2
    Still great. Still think it's better than the first one. Still think they should have stayed in their human forms but I get the message.
  63. The Spectacular Now
    Disappointing. Started off well, then went into super indie movie territory. I also don't get how Shailene Woodley's character can be so naive and forgiving???? She was the best part about this though. Idk.
  64. Wall Street
    Tbh quite boring. It's sad how attractive I find Charlie Sheen in this tho. Overall I'd give it a 5/10
  65. X-Men: Apocalypse
    It was fine. Killing Magneto's child was sad and unnecessary. I couldn't understand half of what the villain said. Also there's continuity errors. But McAvoy was fantastic as always, as was quicksilver. (Still need to see the second one though)
  66. That Awkward Moment
    Rewatched for the first time in two years. I quite like it, despite its cliche lameness but everyone in it is enjoyable 😝
  67. Pulp Fiction
    The only enjoyable scenes in this movie (IMO) are the ones with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. I just don't think Tarantino movies are my cup of tea.
  68. The Love Punch
    I mean Emma Thompson was the best part, along with Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall. That's all I can really say 😜
  69. That Thing You Do
    There's just something I love about this movie. Also the song is fucking great!!!!!!
  70. Spice World
    Childhood and probably life favourite. Seriously love everything about this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL POWER 👊💗🇬🇧
  71. Easy A
    Re-watched for the first time in what seems like forever. The dialogue is sooooo clever and witty and Emma Stone is fabulous and the supporting cast is great. What more could I say?? (Although now it's hard not to kind of cringe at the slut shaming but whatever I still think it's great)
  72. Madeline
    Childhood fav. A nice lil movie and Frances Macdormand is great (gif is not from this live action greatness)
  73. It's Complicated
    There's just something about this movie. Everyone in it is great, and aside from the weird reaction from the kids this is a movie I pretty much love.
  74. The Ugly Truth
    I wasted almost 2 hours of my time on this movie. WHY
  75. Kill Your Darlings
    Not as good as I wanted it to be, but interesting and well acted, especially on Dane DeHaans part
  76. Gentleman's Agreement
    Very good. Gregory Peck is bae. Screw Kathy.
  77. Sleeping With Other People
    I gave it 4/5 stars on Netflix. It would have been 3 but the credits scene with the friends was fucking fantastic.
  78. The Legend of Tarzan
    I legitimately liked every thing about this movie. It made me feel all sorts of ways and the acting was pretty fucking perfect. Christoph Waltz is the best bad guy, Margot Robbie is Queen and Alexander Skarsgard just solidified himself as #1 bae again 😍😍😍
  79. The Paperboy
    I don't even know. This movie was a mess.
  80. MI:5 (or Spooks: The Greater Good)
    SUCH A GOOD SPY THRILLER. Like seriously, so fucking good.
  81. The Secret Life of Pets
    Idk it had its funny moments but overall I thought it was kinda lame. It did 100% solidify my love for Jenny Slate though.
  82. The Last Holiday
    Who doesn't love Queen Latifah??? Also - hmu LL Cool J 😍
  83. Scary Movie
    Look, is it kinda dumb? Yes. But sometimes you just need Anna Faris's perfect ridiculousness in your life. Also I'd never seen the beginning before, and now I have.
  84. Rock the Kasbah
    It was an okay movie, I just love Bill Murray. I also didn't realize how many celebrities were actually in this.
  85. When Harry Met Sally.
    All of this movie. Forever. I wish Nora Ephron could have written my life story and Rob Reiner direct it.
  86. Juno
    Caught the end of it on TV- still so so so good.
  87. Bride Wars
    .... Really not as good as I remember it. Quite problematic really. I mean I like all the actors in it but it really doesn't justify how dumb it is.
  88. Lethal Weapon 4
    I watched this on TV for the first time in awhile but I was only half paying attention. I fucking love these movies though. (Why are all the gifs Rene Russo???)
  89. Star Trek: Beyond
    Pretty enjoyable. I couldn't make out what Scotty was saying at some points and the fast paced action was a tad hard to follow sometimes. But Anton though 💔😭
  90. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
    I so appreciate this movie. I think you really need to love the tv show to get this film- and I do.
  91. Trainspotting
    My mom always wanted me to watch this for the sole reason of making me never want to do heroin. I definitely do not want to do heroin. Honestly though, Its a weirdly good movie. But am I supposed to like it???
  92. The Saint
    YO I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS MOVIE OK (I'm so disappointed this is the only gif from the film)
  93. About Time
    Richard Curtis is the master of Rom Com's. This film is so lovely, and everyone in it is too.
  94. Little Miss Sunshine
    Everyone knows this movie is fantastic. I concur.
  95. Suicide Squad
    It was meh. Actually in all honestly it sucked. The music was good. But I hated the Joker with every fibre of my being and found him quite uncomfortable to watch. Margot is still queen.
  96. St. Trinians
  97. A Royal Affair
    This was goddamn good. Everyone in it was so talented!!!! I hope it won all the awards.
  98. Empire Records
    I just finished it and I'm sitting here with the biggest smile. Like every character is endearing and well written and just like!!!!!!!!! I'm in love with this movie.
  99. The Royal Tenenbaums
    Second time watching this and I still love everything about this film. Wes Anderson's style and humour is magnificent.