1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    My favourite John Hughes movie. Also in my all time top 10 fav movies. Also, I love Cameron Frye.
  2. The Commitments
    THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! The accents. It's just so goddamn good.
  3. Eddie the Eagle
    It's my dad's new favourite movie and I can see why!!!! It's so sweet and Taron Egerton is wonderful in everything he's in. I was so stressed at the end with the 90m jump tho holy shit.
  4. The Rescuers
    Bernard and Bianca are adorable, Penny and Rufus get you right in the feels, and Medusa is EVIL.
  5. Over the Hedge
    I loved this movie as a 9 year old and as a 19 year old I still found it incredibly clever and funny (like laugh out loud funny at some points.) Voice cast is 10/10.
  6. The Sound of Music
    This is the first time I've watched it in years and it may be because I'm hormonal but I felt so weepy and happy the whole time. Also it's a hell of a lot funnier than I remember (Julie Andrews you QUEEN.) Also I really wanted to be sung Sixteen Going on Seventeen by my boyfriend before my 16th birthday. I have so many feels about this movie.
  7. Ghostbusters (1984)
    I genuinely love everything about Ghostbusters (the remake can smd). Some of the lines are clever has hell and I'm still catching new ones even though I've been watching this movie my whole life. Those dogs still freak the fuck outta me tho.
  8. Anna Karenina
    HOW DID I NOT KNOW SO MANY GREAT ACTORS WERE IN THIS?? Everyone was so damn good. I even managed to get past Aaron Taylor-Johnson's stupid hair and moustache. The production design and the way it was filmed is so different and interesting I kinda loved it.
  9. Anne of Green Gables
    TBH I was quite nervous to watch this bc I love the books so much but honestly they did such an incredible job!!! 10/10 casting and production. Also Gilbert tho 😍
  10. Moonstruck
    We watched it in film and I don't think any Tuesday morning film class will ever be able to compare. Plus hearing my classmates laugh at my fav parts just made my heart happy.
  11. The Great Muppet Caper
    You should know by now I love the muppets. Second time watching this movie and it was definitely funnier.
  12. You Again
    I mean it was fine??? Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver should definitely do another movie together. The fiancé of the brother is so unlikeable (as is Marnie kind of but that's besides the point). The end with Betty White and Cloris Leachman KILLS ME.
  13. A Fish Called Wanda
    I watched this and You Again on the same evening - just needed some Jamie Lee Curtis apparently. Kevin Kline is fucking brilliant.
  14. Eat Pray Love
    I meaaaaaaaan it's fineeeee. I think I like Italy the best. But damn if Javier Bardem ain't the sweetest man alive in this!!! (Why are there like 15 versions of this same gif??)
  15. Shivers
    This movie was terrible and the subtitles were even worse. Thanks Film1000.
  16. Sing Street
    Beautiful. Magnificent. Heartwarming. Funny. The music is perfection. Just 💚🇨🇮💚
  17. You're Next
    A slasher film I actually didn't hate! That song in it is also great.
  18. Hidden Figures
    Wonderful. Powerful. Inspiring. Black women are badasses!!!!!!!!! I really hope this wins an oscar.
  19. White Chicks
    This is a movie I can't believe I find funny but I really and truly do. I blame Tala and Delena and our weekend Kingston. Also @ Terry Crews character in this movie, Terry Jeffords would be ashamed!!! 😂
  20. Groundhog Day
    Should be a national holiday really. Few Bill Murray performances top this one for mye. I legitimately look forward to watching this every single year.
  21. Mother's Day
    JUST SO BAD (acting/story/editing/flow = all bad) Jack Whitehall is the cutest human alive tho just saying.
  22. Inglorious Basterds
    Fun fact- when I first saw the trailers for this I thought it was a comedy. 11 year old me was very confused watching this for the first time. I still don't know if I like it or not. The score was pretty good, and watching Shoshanna get her revenge is pre satisfying.
  23. So I Married an Axe Murder
    Quirky but I really really like it.
  24. Psycho
    I watched this on valentines and honestly that was a perfect representation of my day. Such a great movie.
  25. Wayne's World
    WAYNE'S WORLD WAYNE'S WORLD PARTY TIME EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! So damn quotable and genuinely really hilarious.
  26. The Cat in the Hat
    Watching this was like reliving my childhood. It's kinda weird but honestly it has its awkwardly funny moments. Officially done my Mike Meyer's marathon.
  27. Back to the Future
  28. He's Just Not That Into You
    It's so cliché and a little trashy but I like the cast a lot and it has its cute moments (especially the Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin parts as cringy as they can be.) I really hope the end credits were improvised.
  29. The Birdcage
    I love everything about this and have since I first watched it as an 11 year old. Robin Williams is fantastic, Nathan Lane is a national treasure and Hank Azaria as Agador Spartacus KILLS ME 😂👨‍👨‍👦
  30. Fifty Shades Darker
    Having never seen the first one I feel like I didn't full appreciate it in the same way as others will but honestly I DIDN'T HATE THIS. Like yes it was obvs crap but watching it with my best friend was hilarious. Also the word for word Working Girl quote was clever. ALSO Jamie Dornan needs to stop playing sadists or else he is going to typecast himself.
  31. How To Be Single
    I really really liked this a lot. Some of the story lines were kinda eh and there was some weak narrative stuff but whatever overall I'd give it a solid 80%!!!
  32. Psycho
    The Gus Van Sant "shot for shot remake". Whoever thought casting Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates was a good idea needs to never be hired again. There was just less urgency in Marion stealing the money and she seemed like she gave no fucks. They tried.
  33. Stripes
    I would definitely bang John Winger. IDK why. Harold Ramis is a master of comedy. The whole movie is a masterpiece.
  34. Get Him To The Greek
    First time watching this since I was 13 and realized how much stuff I did not know about and jokes I didn't get that 19 year old Geni does. Can Russell Brand be in another movie ASAP??
  35. The World's End
    Giphy downsized medium
    Ok so I actually haven't seen the first two movies in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy but it definitely made me want to!!! I really liked how the end didn't end perfectly and everything didn't go back to normal, that was really unexpected and cool.
  36. Clueless
    SUCH A CLASSIC. Also Paul Rudd tho 😍 Also I know Elton is a dick but damn dude 😍
  37. Can't Hardly Wait
    Eh, not as good as I remember.
  38. Lizzie McGuire Movie
    Holy fuck so many feels!!!!!! Lizzie and Gordo kissing was the epitome of my childhood. Tbh Hilary Duff is not that good of an actress though...
  39. Strictly Ballroom
    💃Actually may be my fav Baz Luhrmann movie and I absolutely LOVE Moulin Rouge. The first movie I watched for an essay I wrote as Baz as an auteur. 💃
  40. Romeo + Juliet
    I actually remember not really liking this when I was younger but I truly didn't mind it. I think Leo is great in this.
  41. Bon Cop Bad Cop
    ..... I mean I liked the switching between french and English without thinking, that was cool to watch. The plot itself was kind of dumb but I liked the two main actors a lot. Can't get more Canadian.
  42. The Great Gatsby
    Ok, Tobey Maguire was miscast, and the way Leo says "Old Sport" really bothered me and I have no idea why. Carey Mulligan was perfection tho.
  43. Moulin Rouge
    We know I love this. Christian + Satine 4 life. The editing in this is insane.
  44. Edge of Seventeen
    Generally I liked it. The acting was fantastic but I just had a super hard time connecting to Nadine. Also I still don't know how I feel about the brother and best friend. BUT Erwin Kym is the light of my life.
  45. Polytechnique
    Harrowing. Villeneuve did an incredible job considering how awful the subject matter of the film is.
  46. Charlie's Angels
    I have so many thoughts on this movie but I'll limit myself to 3: 1) THIS MOVIE WAS MY CHILDHOOD and I will one day be the living version of Independent Women Part 1 2) The chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell is palpable and even 5 year old Geni detected that shit 3) I want it remade with the same cast (tho maybe not Bill Murray bc he was weak in this and I feel blasphemous saying so) to make it more feminist and take away the male gaze plz and thx
  47. The Kings Speech
    Incredible obvs.
  48. Monsieur Lazhar
    An absolutely beautiful film
  49. When Harry Met Sally
    One of my top 10. Watched it in March as a pick me up then showed it to someone in April who had never seen it before and they laughed at all of my fav lines which was perfect.
  50. Bride and Prejudice
    Like it was fineeeeee, not amazing. I expected more from the director of Bend It Like Beckham. And then a wild Alexis Bledel showed up???
  51. Stardust
    How did I forget how wonderful this film is?? Like Claire Danes and Charlie Cox are so damn cute and Michelle Pfeiffer KILLS IT. Also Take That's "Rule the World" is one of the best songs ever created.
  52. Jumanji
    An absolute classic!!!!!
  53. Sur Le Seuil
    I honestly had to keep stopping myself from falling asleep - not entirely the movies fault but still. Did u know it fits the classic Robin Wood's definition of horror AND fits in minke Québécois cinema? Fun film fact.
  54. Logan
    Giphy downsized medium
    V good. V dark. What happened to that family was UNNECESSARY but I digress. The little kid is a fucking badass.
  55. Life
    Not amazing. I see what they were trying to do but honestly it was just boring and kind of lame.
  56. Starbuck
    I love this movie. I love Patrick Huard (or as I now refer to him "Quebec's Film Bae"). I legit am never going to watch the Vince Vaughn remake bc it is likely very terrible.
  57. The Iron Giant
    Very cute and enjoyable and overall not a terrible lil movie. Also would appear very quotable.
  58. Get Out
    AMAZING. PHENOMENAL. INSANE. Like I needed a day and a half to process how incredible this movie is. You go Jordan Peele.
  59. Sliding Doors
    I love this movie so much man. The cast is perfect (esp John Hannah) (even Jeanne Tripplehorn who I don't like) and it's just really lovely.
  60. Austenland
  61. Saving Silverman
    So not good. Idk why I remember liking this. I feel like it was purely for the Neil Diamond factor (tho Jason Biggs and the girl who plays Sandy are cute)
  62. The Wedding Singer
    Hands down the best Adam Sandler movie and genuinely one of my favs as well.
  63. Bedazzled
    I can't help it, I genuinely like this movie. Liz Hurley and Brendan Fraser have great chemistry and the ending makes me happy. I always skip the sensitive wish tho cuz it's just too cringe. Yayyy for Harold Ramis movies!
  64. Free Fire
    Well I enjoyed it! My mom hated it and is mad that I made her go see it with me OH WELL.
  65. Ocean's Eleven
    My criminal law prof recommended we watch this as an example of conspiracy. It was pretty good, but like why would Tess go back to Danny honestly?
  66. The Nice Guys
    HOLY FUCK THIS MOVIE WAS GREAT!!!!!! Ryan Gosling has some of the best comedic timing (the ankle gun scene actually had me in tears). I honestly can't get over how good it was.
  67. Swan Princess
    this is my childhood (honestly probs my fav aside from Anastasia) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It always kills me when I remember the lyrics to the songs even after all these years
  68. Cinderella (2015)
    It's so perfect, like everything about it (cast, story, directing, etc) is lovely and highly enjoyable. Lily James is so elegant and wonderful as Cinderella and Richard Madden is just 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  69. No Strings Attached
    Honestly not that good. Kind of felt never ending and there was little to no chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman.
  70. Mambo Italiano
    This was my favourite movie for like 5 years, and it's still so so good. A movie I would probably recommend to just about everyone and it's Canadian!!!!
  71. Back to the Future Part 2
    Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable! How can you not love Michael J. Fox?? Still mad I didn't go to the theatre when it was showing for the anniversary.
  72. Valentines Day
    I mean it sucked and was cringy AF, but a guilty pleasure of mine is (terrible) ensemble romantic comedies movies.
  73. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    Hmmmm I wonder what the theme of this movie was??? (Cough *family* cough). Genuinely can't really remember the first one that well but it was an enjoyable watch and the soundtrack was great (not as good as the first one but ya know)
  74. A Conversation with Gregory Peck
    Um so not only was he an amazing actor but he was a genuinely beautiful man who loved his family and that just made me adore him that much more!!!!! So glad I watched this, thx for the recommendation Netflix.
  75. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
    Pleasantly surprised at how cute and entertaining this sequel was!!!!
  76. Rear Window
    I started this movie in February and finally finished it in May. Fantastic, suspenseful, and overall a great Hitchcock film (its only the second one I've ever watched but still). I also really loved the end where Lisa goes back to reading the magazine once he's asleep!!!
  77. The Women
    tbh only half paid attention while I was working on job applications and cleaning out my inbox but the cast was enjoyable even if the plot/story was eh
  78. Going in Style
    Good cast, ok plot, basically just fine but proud of u JD (Zach Braff) for directing! The end where you think it's the funeral but it's actually the wedding was clever.
  79. Accepted
    A typical mid-2000's teen movie but for some reason I find Justin Long amusing even in crappy/ could not be more unrealistic movies.
  80. Philidelphia
    I've cried at A LOT of movies in my lifetime but never as hard as watching this movie. It was an amazing law movie but also human. I think it's affected me so much bc of the fact that my godfather died from AIDS and it's upsetting that my godfather did not have the same support from his immediate family as Andy did in this. The world is an awful place but this movie was beautiful and touching and Tom Hanks more than fucking deserved that Oscar. Also the use of closeups & red was interesting.
  81. And Now For Something Completely Different
    Gotta love the Monty Python. I can finally say I've seen the dead parrot sketch!
  82. Howards End
    EMMA THOMPSON IS A QUEEN and she is truly amazing in this. Ngl I don't fully understand how she could love/stay with Henry Wilcox but hey she got Howard's End and to be with her sister so that's all that really matters. ALSO I'm still so mad/upset at Leonard's death its just not fair!!!!! But I'm glad the son got his comeuppance. ALSO it's crazy watching Helena and Emma act together when u know the drama with Kenneth Branagh that came later, but I still love them all sm.
  83. Fate of the Furious
    Going to see this was actually my mom's only wish for Mothers Day lol. Kinda boring and not the best one of the series in my opinion, but my fav scene was definitely with Jason Statham and the baby bc OMG.
  84. Freaky Friday
    A classic. Seriously tho Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis are so great. I completely forgot Chad Michael Murray was in this and like he goes from having the hots for mom to daughter in like 24 hours??? OK.
  85. The Dressmaker
    Um this was so kooky and fantastic?! The cast was great (both Kate Winslet and Guy Pierce are amazing in everything they're in) and the plot had so many unexpected twists and overall I kind of loved it. Also, LIAM HEMSWORTH THO 😍
  86. The Princess Bride
    I just finished reading Cary Elwes' "As You Wish" (which I actually received as my high school graduation gift 2 years ago) and it made me fall more in love with him and The Princess Bride. It truly is one of the greatest movies ever made and knowing how much it meant to those making it just makes it that much more special 💖💖
  87. A Few Good Men
    Luv the Cuba Gooding Jr cameo. Honesty such a good film and Tom Cruise is bae and it brings me back to grade 11 law and our Tom Cruise cruise. Also as a law student I get SO MANY THINGS NOW. Demi Moore isn't even that terrible. Rob Reiner is so talented.
  88. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    I mean it was terrible obviously and even the CGI for Javier Bardem was not good???? Also if you removed Jack Sparrow from the plot it would probably make zero difference. The end made it all worth it though (Will + Elizabeth forever)
  89. Pride and Prejudice
    Beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, perfection. I actually prefer Matthew McFadyen as Mr. Darcy over Colin Firth 🙆 Joe Wright really did an amazing job condensing this into a 2 hour movie and still making it as wonderful as possible, so props dude.
  90. Oh Brother Where Art Thou
    I really didn't pay that close of attention so I do kinda need to rewatch it but like it was good!
  91. The Little Death
    Parts of it were good and the last little bit with the deaf phone sex was great but the very ending and the end of the Maeve and Pete story line make me feel eh about it tbh. Also the editing isn't great.
  92. What We Do In The Shadows
    I LOVED IT. Viago was so cute. I love Jemaine Clement sm and a wild (ha ha) Murray appeared so that was amazing.
  93. The Mummy (2017)
    It sucked. I could also be a lil biased bc I love the 1999 one so much but honestly there were just so many weaknesses (acting, tone, humour, plot.) Also ur telling me Nick what's his face is strong enough to fight off Set from taking over?? I don't think so.
  94. Baby Driver
    Okay so like I didn't love it but honestly I just think I need to rewatch it bc I didn't appreciate exactly what Edgar Wright was trying to do so imma give it another try eventually. Ansel Elgort was great though and the scene where he kills Jamie Foxx was v unexpected.
  95. 20th Century Women
    An enjoyable watch and it made me really want to watch Beginners (which Mike Mills also directed). The cast was phenomenal and so so talented. I really liked the voice overs of what is going to happen to them in the future. The scene where Jamie gets beat up for telling the kid he didn't actually make the girl cum was AMAZING
  96. The Mummy (1999)
  97. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
    Honestly it was hella enjoyable and seeing the Lonely Island in a movie together made my inner 12 year old extremely happy. It was funny and clever and didn't take itself too seriously and just like Andy Samberg is so freaking talented at everything he does. I had a better review in my head when I first watched it but it's been 2 weeks now so all I've got is that in my mind this movie was a success.
  98. The House
    Look of course this wasn't good but being in a theatre where your bff is laughing makes even a dumb movie seem a little funnier. Also I have a weird little crush on Jason Mantzoukas so I agreed to see it mostly on the pretence I knew he was in it. Also, why in the hell did Jeremy Renner agree to cameo?????
  99. Ghost
    First off the iconic pottery scene- not that sexy???? Second, I CALLED the friend being the bad guy from the beginning. Third, Whoopi Goldberg made it worthwhile and deserved her Oscar. Fourth, I don't really like Demi Moore but I didn't hate her in this so that's a win for the movie. I kinda hate myself for it but like I didn't hate this 🤷‍♀️