Idk why I haven't done this yet so here goes.
  1. Heated Car Seats
  2. Mango Black Tea Lemonades from Starbucks
  3. Cuddling with my Best Friend
    Also when she says something that proves how well she knows me and it's like man YOU'RE THE BEST
  4. also just my Best Friend Alex
  5. When people choose to say my full name over my nickname
    Genevieve vs Geni
  6. London, England
    Specifically my trip there in 2015 and Trafalgar Square.
  7. When my Roommate Laura and I stand in our kitchen for like 2- 3 hours talking after not seeing each other for a few days and not realizing how late it is/how long we've been talking
    This is specific to our apartment in res last year but hopefully the trend continues this year
  8. Getting Good Grades