This has been in my drafts since July but I feel it's fitting to post tonight. Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher ❤️
  1. The girls having lunch
    "And you'll have the spend the rest of your life knowing someone else is married to your husband" - Marie
  2. Harry and Jess at the Football game
    Casually doing the wave while explaining your wife never loved you and you're getting a divorce. "Mr. Zero knew."
  3. Sally describing her breakup with Joe to Harry
    There's something super raw about her voice and everything in this scene. Idk I love it. "I spy a family."
  4. Old couple #4
    "9 extra floors."
  5. The Casablanca Phone Call
    "I miss the idea of him." "Maybe I miss the idea of Helen..... Nope I miss the whole Helen." "you're the worst kind, you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance." And Harry's moans at the end.
  6. The batting cages
    "you made a woman meow?!"
  7. When Marie and Jess hit it off at dinner
    And ditch the other two.
  8. Surrey with the Fringe on Top
  9. Harry's Helen Breakdown
    "6 years later you find yourself singing Surrey with the fringe on top in front of IRA!" And the wagon wheel part.
  10. Pictionary
    "Oh but baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation"
  11. "I'm going to be 40"
    "When?" "SOMEDAY!"
  12. The dual phone call
    "You'll never have to be out there again."
  13. New Years Eve 2.0
    For obvious reasons. That speech.
  14. Couple #8
    Coconut cake.