A moment of reflection
  1. Photo bombing Rihanna with @alexx
  2. Making PureWow.com beautiful with @dtrocki
  3. Seeing PW ads I designed all over Manhattan cabs and Times Square!
  4. Learning to stop caring so much what other people think
  5. Getting serenaded by the klingande sax man
  6. Being roommates with my brother and then not being roommates with my brother and realizing change is good
  7. Moving to Murray hill 😁
  8. Getting to spend a full week with my best friends in Texas. Then going to ACL with them
  9. Successfully hosting 7 friends from college who had never been to New York
  10. Running a marathon up a mountain
  11. Going to a bar by myself for the first time (currently at a bar by myself)
  12. Become a fan of the Tottenham Spurs
  13. Seeing so much live music! Highlights include alt j, penguin prison, milky chance, Leon bridges and lord Huron
  14. The royals became good
  15. Starting to love chips. Possible passion now
  16. Learning that Canada is perfect
  17. Learning that everyone is a little lost in life
  18. TK Tk - learning what this means and also I've got 12 more hours so who knows