1. When you're waiting for literally two cents in change at a cafe, and you are not a hobo and therefore do not strictly NEED two cents, but don't want to say something like "keep the change!" because what kind of crazy, insulting tip is two cents? But at the same time, are you really going to stand and wait for two pennies? Apparently yes!
  2. When you sort of had an email argument with someone at work and then you see them coming down a hallway and should you say hi like nothing happened, or maybe just say nothing or actually is it possible they didn't see you yet and you can walk a different way??
  3. Being high on the subway and having the imaginary barriers between you and other people completely destroyed so that when you look down the car you don't see "a crowd" but like 80 individual people who are looking back at you. Should you maybe say hi to them???
  4. bathrooms