1. Okay what is happening?
  2. Wait. For real? I am actually using the bathroom.
  3. Kid Rock still has a pretty big crew (it was 2008). Is he bankrupting himself paying for health insurance for all these guys? LEARN FROM HAMMER, KID!
  4. Okay so which drug is he going to do
  5. Still rocking that tiny hat, and it still doesn't look good.
  6. I appreciate that you gave me a nice nod & sheepish smile, like, "ain't life crazy? One minute you're nobody in detroit, the bext you're fucking groupies with scott stapp & having your half-dozen bodyguards kick people out of bathrooms"
  7. He is doing this so he can SMOKE POT? Really. Just smoke in your fucking car before you come in, christ.
  8. I guess he really is a cowboy. Baw wi ba ba, you crazy diamond.