1. Jay-Z (general mogul-dom, sports-world)
  2. Tom Brady (model, general handsome guy activities)
  3. Drake (return to tv/film)
    Yes he was already on Degrassi but that barely counts, how many people were clamoring for Jimmy from Degrassi appearances at bar mitzvahs?
  4. Blake Griffin (comedy)
  5. John McCain (comedy)
  6. A$AP Rocky (film, fashion)
    He's not the most thirsty though, it actually seems more a calculated career move tbh
  7. Penn Badgley (music)
    He's an actor with a band, so duh.
  8. Any actor with a band, sorry
  9. Sara Palin (anything she can get)
  10. Lena Dunham, I guess? (books/publishing)
    But book fame like barely counts lbr
  11. James Franco (books/publishing, theater, anything he can get)