Things Keeping Me From Dying While Waiting at the DMV

  1. I'm wearing boat shoes with no socks. It's not gross. It's summery. Floral shorts too.
  2. The lady at the document verification counter told me my paperwork "couldn't be better."
  3. @nataliarodas and I did a guided mindfulness exercise after we parked and before we came inside.
  4. All of the babies here have ceased their crying and resumed their undeniable cuteness, if only for a brief moment.
  5. We're getting Five Guys after this.
  6. Nobody wants to be here, neither patrons nor employees, so there's a slight vibe of that unity that i imagine happens when a bunch of people are trapped in a mine or an elevator together.
  7. Probably gonna get extra pickles on that Five Guys. And Peach Mello Yello Zero to drink.