Woody Allen I've seen ranked

Woody Allen's filmography is as insurmountable as Bob Dylan's discography. I kinda think anyone who says they've seen them all is lying. Here are all of his directorials I have seen ranked from worst to best. No Fading Gigolo or Antz
  1. 21.
    Whatever Works
    3/10. One of the only Woody flicks I truly dislike. Woody=Great. Larry David=Great. Woody+Larry=Gutter Trash
  2. 20.
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*
    5/10. Feels less like a film and more of just an excuse to tell jokes. Flimsy even compared to early Allen comedies
  3. 19.
    Manhattan Murder Mystery
    5.5/10. Forgettable!
  4. 18.
    Love and Death
    6/10. Rethreads a lot of the same comedic ground originally traversed in the superior Bananas.
  5. 17.
    To Rome With Love
    6.3. Opera singing shower man is best. Cheating spouses plot line is worst. A mixed bag of short films.
  6. 16.
    Café Society
    6.5/10. Jesse Eisenberg is a bad Woody stand in. Corey Stoll makes this movie.
  7. 15.
    6.8/10. This one gets unnecessary hate. Some of Woody's lines are corny, but it is such a joy to watch him on screen again. Keep acting Woody!
  8. 14.
    The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
    7.1/10. Too much love for "the good old days" filmmaking, but Woody's performance carries it. Woody looking bewildered at the camera is a good way to end all his films.
  9. 13.
    You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger
    7.4/10. The Anthony Hopkins erectile dysfunction scene makes me giggle whenever I think of it.
  10. 12.
    Shadows and Fog
    7.7/10. There are several Woody movies which are essentially "what if I lived in this time period?" This one works big time. Also Madonna is in this.
  11. 11.
    New York Stories (Oedipus Wrecks)
    8/10. The best Larry David/Woody Allen collaboration. Skip the Francis Ford Coppola short film for a good time. I have no idea what he was thinking.
  12. 10.
    8.2/10. All of the jokes hold up and Woody is firing at all cylinders. Feels the most like his short stories.
  13. 9.
    Match Point
    8.5/10. This would be higher but Jonathan Rhys Meyers performance feels so unnatural. Does a great job of selling Woody's worldview. Pro tip- you can turn any Woody Allen romantic drama/thriller into a comedy by imagining Woody directing the bedroom scenes.
  14. 8.
    8.7/10. Woody's best straight comedy. Clearly made by a young artist with something to say.
  15. 7.
    The Purple Rose of Cairo
    9/10. As a high schooler I stated this was my favorite film. I had never seen a film this clever. While it is no longer my favorite, it does remain one of the most clever movies I've ever seen.
  16. 6.
    Vicky Christina Barcelona
    9.3/10. What a performance from Penelope Cruz. Also Woody must be a good director as he turned Javier Braden from his No Country For Old Men psycho character to a sex symbol.
  17. 5.
    9.5/10. Amazing use of B/W. Created the trope of setting as the defining character. Makes me sad in the best possible way. Woody does come off as a predator because of our current context.
  18. 4.
    Blue Jasmine
    9.6/10. One of the most compelling character arcs in a film. Woody plays around a lot with whether we should pity or resent Cate Blanchett's character and I would argue he doesn't give us a super clear answer. This makes the movie all the more rewarding to eagle eyed viewers. This also proves Woody is some sort of genius when it comes to casting.
  19. 3.
    Hannah and Her Sisters
    9.8/10. Woody is an actor's director. This is not only the first sign that he can get amazing performances out of his performers, but is also one of the best examples of that truth. I love that when he gets the opportunity to work with one of his heroes, Max Von Sydow, he makes him encapsulate all his worst attributes. Also the mayonnaise bit in this film is hysterical.
  20. 2.
    Midnight in Paris
    9.9/10. Owen Wilson is the perfect Woody stand in. I actually prefer him to Woody and am surprised he doesn't go back to that well. Shows that Woody still clearly has a lot of creative juices flowing. Great performances throughout. Funny, but inquisitive. Actually makes the viewer reflect on their own rose colored nostalgia.
  21. 1.
    Annie Hall
    10/10. There is nothing wrong with movies with a singular vision. I would much rather watch a flick that tries something and succeeds than a movie that tries many things and fails. That is why Annie Hall is revolutionary. It attempts to be many things and succeeds at all of them. It is comedic, romantic, dramatic, intellectual, and personal. There is nothing quite like it.