Why I had to quit teaching

  1. Girl talking in the phone to her mother in the middle of class.
  2. Boy discussing what a ball sac is out loud. In class.
  3. Boy running full speed down hallway. When told to walk, he asks "why?"
  4. Need to pee all the time. Can only pee at designated times.
  5. Copier never works.
  6. Class attention whore.
  7. Kid says someone is "really old, like 50"
  8. Kids can't spell. Don't know that there's a YOUR and a YOU'RE. Don't know there's a there, their, and they're.
  9. Kids can't tell time on a real clock.
  10. Kids can't read when I write on board in cursive.
  11. Desire to take longer than 30 minutes to eat lunch.
  12. Just. So. Tired.