If he...
  1. Listens to country music
    This one isn't as superficial as it sounds. I think music compatibility is very important and I'm pretty sure there's been some kind of study about how couples who listen to the same music are super happy or whatever
  2. Has bad grammar
    My eye twitches a little whenever I get the text "how was you're day?"
  3. Refuses to drink wine because it's "for women"
  4. Asks for a picture before asking for my name
  5. Owns a confederate flag
  6. Enjoys NASCAR
  7. Thinks eating healthy is "liberal"
  8. Watches Fox News
  9. Thinks color has gender
  10. Doesn't like pizza
  11. Never wants to travel outside of the US
  12. Lives vicariously through rap music
  13. Hates Beyoncé
  14. Asks for my snapchat instead of my number
  15. Is voting for/agrees with Donald Trump