2. I wish Drake's shoes were pink
  3. In fact, I wish the whole set was pink
  4. I like this though, it's very simple and cool
  5. How much did these girls get paid to just pose
  6. Just based on the song, I bet this video is some elaborate story
  7. Wait
  8. Why is Drake dancing like a drunk uncle
  9. Drake is drunk
  10. Where can I buy that turtleneck
  11. He looks like he's having so much fun
  12. That's the "I have a lot of money and can do whatever I want" dance
  13. Everything about this video screams Drake, I want to meet his creative director
  14. That hip thrust *passes out*
  15. Omg I can't wait to see all the memes that come from this
  16. Twitter must be exploding
  17. I could watch Drake dance all day