1. "23" by Mike Will Made-It
    Every word Miley Cyrus says in this song speaks to me on a personal level and I'm not sure why. It makes me want to kick down somebody's door, yell "I'M HOME" and proceed to trash their house
  2. "Stupid Hoe" by Nicki Minaj
    If you know me you know I love Nicki (understatement) but this song is trash and I think that's the point. She straight up acknowledged she didn't hit that high note at the end and said fuck you
  3. "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony
    This is the kind of pop nonsense you're absolutely sure you're not gonna like and then you wake up one day and know every word/have choreographed an entire dance??
  4. "Thong Song" by Sisqo
    If you did a Google search of trash this would come up in the results. But when will you ever again in your life hear a guy singing about thongs so passionately?