I live downtown, this list is biased due to proximity. In no particular order:
  1. Ibiza Warm Nutella Brownie
    With toffee and salted caramel ice cream
  2. Himalaya Biryani
    Really any variant, but I always go for lamb
  3. Holley's Seafood Muddled Stew
  4. Biryani Pot Goat Chops from Heaven
  5. Aladdin's Lamb Shank
  6. Simply Pho Vietnamese Duck Salad
  7. LA Crawfish Crawfish and Spicy Lemon Pepper Wings
    You can't get one without the other, it's my list, I can have two in one
  8. Asia Market Pad Kee Mao
    Always order with extra egg
  9. Lemon Tree Choros a la Chalaca
    Fancy ceviche (not a fancy place)