Probably not interesting but hey, you're the one reading it.
  1. I like lists they're nice and organized.
    Really just a nice cohesive way to have things sorted and an easy way to read list requiring things.
  2. I'm in the market for something new.
    Really something new and something I can be more anonymous on, just looking for a place I can post without the feeling that I'll be judged.
  3. I have a lot of things in my mind.
    Feelings, ideas, words, everything really and a lot of those work well in list format.
  4. I want to be open.
    I keep a lot of things to myself, I don't trust easily and don't have a person in my life right now that I can be as open as possible with. So why not social media.
  5. Sometimes I'm funny
    I think I have a sense of humor no matter how dry or corny it is, I think I could bring a smile to at least one persons face. Or not, it's your life.
  6. ...and really that's it
    Do I need anymore reasons? I guess not really, oh well stay tuned for more genius.