This is not my opinion about the top 4 athletes of all time. This is about the 4 players who have been the most influential to me personally. They have all impacted me in different eras of my life. If I had to look at some weird sports version of Mount Rushmore everyday, I would want these 4 faces to remind me of the good times.
  1. Kevin Garnett
    As a young and impressionable Celtics fan right out of high school, he taught me that anything is possible and that you have to lift your brothers up before you can succeed. Hands down the biggest sports influence in my life. He changed the way I think about, watch and attempt to play sports. And then some.
  2. Emmitt Smith #22 in our hearts and minds
    Most of my passwords and jersey numbers throughout my life have involved the #22 in some capacity. And that's because of this man. The GOAT.
  3. Eric Berry
    The best defensive player of my lifetime as a Tennessee Vols fan. He played in an era of Volunteer football that was downright dark, but he was a shining beacon of hope. Someone for us all to be proud of. Oh and he also beat cancer and then went on to still ball out for the Chiefs. He's also terrified of horses which I think is hilarious.
  4. Zach Randolph
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    We call him Z-Bo in Memphis. He was a castoff, like a lot of us. But he started hustling, made a name for himself and became somebody better. Once he got here, the Grizzlies started winning more often. The team eventually started to see themselves as winners and the rest of the city followed suit. He's a hero to us, and it's about more than basketball. Respect.