We all buy things. Groceries, coffee, food, slushies at QT. However, sometimes we make a bad job worse by being a bad customer...here are some free tips to change that. Feel free to suggest some others!
  1. Communicate.
    It's one thing if you're a regular and get the same burger, latte or smoothie every time. However, sometimes if you say "I want a latte", but you mean "I want a 3 pump, sugar free vanilla latte, extra hot with no foam and sprinkles"...you just need to let them know.
  2. Put the phone down to order
    Not everyone is fluent is sign language...and can multi-task.
  3. Leave your Bluetooth headset in the car.
    Or give it to a homeless person.
  4. Be in a hurry AND be ready to pay.
    Workers can only go so fast, you have to be a team to be quick!
  5. Ask questions.
    You've never heard of getting your burger "ding dong style"...but were too afraid to order it and are now disappointed. Many people are happy to talk about something where they are the expert for a change. Give people some time to shine!