Because no one should be bored in the bathroom.
  1. Flipboard
    Is there any better way to receive curated news just to your liking? It's best to stay informed.
  2. Kindle
    Whether it's reading up for bible study, some awesome YA fiction, or clearing out some school reading...a great companion.
  3. Periscope
    Watching random strangers all over the world bring you live footage of things that should be relegated to snapchat...well, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, might as well broaden my horizons!
  4. The List App
    Just to see if others are making lists while going #2 like me.
  5. YouTube
    It's a rabbit hole...but there's some tutorial you will benefit from watching on there! Maybe a music video? Okay, you're gonna watch anime, we won't judge you (too much).
  6. Instagram
    I'll be shocked if you find anything useful there...but hey, it's better than boredom.