In the age of alternative facts - I thought to explore some indicators that truly measure the development of a nation
  1. Quality of napkins at average restaurants
    Does the napkin absorb anything? Does it have more of a waxed paper consistency? The more absorbing a napkin = the more developed the country.
  2. Packs of roving street dogs
    Presence of roving street dogs most likely correlates with GDP
  3. Presence of political leaders portrait in corner stores
    Typically dictatorships have bigger income gaps.
  4. The lowest value in USD on paper money
    This puts Canada above the US (five dollar bills in Canada VS $1 dollar bills), thereby proving this entire list to be a useful tool for development professionals everywhere.
  5. Highest government official with a hotmail email address
    When the government can't get their own domain, typically development is low.
  6. Lack of lanes on roads
    Bad traffic = bad governance