Things I Should Watch This Summer

Apparently I won't have friends this summer
  1. Happy Endings
    I feel like this is a show that people say is good. Is that something I'm just imagining?
  2. Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    Same as above
  3. The West Wing
    I like Gilmore Girls therefore I should like the West Wing cause they talk fast?
  4. Breaking Bad
    Maybe I'm so behind with this one that I shouldn't even bother... I saw one episode and spoiler, someone died. Also it was good
  5. The OC
    I like a good dramatic teen show
  6. The Mindy Project
    I've actually watched most of the episodes but I feel like including it on this list will make me catch up
  7. The Bachelorette
    This is trash tv at its finest, but I love it. Also do sweet potatoes taste good raw?
  8. Unreal
    It might even be better than the Bachelorette... Might