*also includes Hulu, HBO, Amazon, and (not to date myself) DVDs. Chronological.
  1. Murder She Wrote/Perry Mason/Night Court/Law and Order (bong bong) (Fall 1997-Spring 1998)
    Diagnosed with mono my Junior year of high school and spent MONTHS on bed-rest watching the only tv my mother and I could agree on...crime and court based tv. Jessica Fletcher is my spirit animal.
  2. My So-Called Life (Winter 2010)
    DVD. Best Christmas gift ever. Short series and a snow storm created the perfect environment for my first real bender.
  3. West Wing (Summer 2012)
    Rewatch. Six seasons. Six weeks. Seasons 1-4 in 3 weeks. (Note: li.st to rank West Wing seasons, characters, and quotes likely to follow)
  4. Breaking Bad (Fall 2013)
    After four years without cable, I started a long-term house sitting gig which offered both cable and a clean DVR. Recorded the marathon which lead up to the final season then watched season 6 in real time. FOMO prevails. Five seasons. Four weeks. (Again aided by a snow storm but also the first bender where I canceled plans with friends to see what Walter was up to).
  5. House of Cards Season 1 and Season 2 until "the incident with the train". (Summer 2014).
    Less than 24 hours. No sleep. I did it for a boy and regret nothing.
  6. Sex and the City (Summer 2015)
    Rewatch. 6 seasons 10 weeks. Revisiting a favorite series when I was finally the same age as the girls (and still single) required some journaling and thus took a bit longer than I really needed.
  7. Making A Murderer (Dec 2015)
    I had a week before a new job started and I finished this whole 10 episode series in less than 2 days.
  8. Making a Murderer (Jan 2016)
    As an early adopter I had major FOMO when all my friends were finally watching it together so I watched it again.
  9. Justified. (In Progress)
    Plowing through this series of great characters and hidden KY homages throughout. Not record breaking pace but the fact that I can download to my device from Amazon (God Bless America) and watch in the air is certainly aiding my progress.