1. Marea
    Pasta, fusilli, was incredible! Steak was good not great but huge portion. Strozzapreti was also great as was the octopus appetizer. Iris liked the donuts for dessert
  2. Sakagura
    Great sake bar and Japanese restaurant. Tons of small dishes to try that were good like wagyu beef on a hot stone, chawanmushi, beef ribs, soft boiled egg with uni and ikura in dashi soup, snow crab rice
  3. Babbo
    Very good Italian place with so many pasta dishes to choose from. Skip the main entree and just try more pasta
  4. Ai fiori
    Went for restaurant week and the squash soup and chicken were the better dishes. Wasn't disappointed and satisfied with the food, but not amazed
  5. Heidi's house
    Very small and cute restaurant. Has daily handmade pastas, and I got a great truffle mushroom fettuccini. Always has good Mac and cheese.
  6. The Breslin
    Good lamb burger and bone marrow. Wasn't busy or crowded at all. No steak though which is what we heard was good :(
  7. Elan
    Not good and not French. Quite pricey for what they are and this oxtail or beef consume with dumplings was very salty
  8. Le Parisien
    Great French cafe food. Chicken, escargot and French onion soup! Hits the right spot for classic french
  9. Au Pied de Cuchon
    Great French cuisine again in Montreal. Got a whole roasted pigs head with cheeks tongue and brain!
  10. L'express
    This is my favorite French bistro not just in Montreal. Was surprisingly good and we loved almost every dish we tried such as risotto, squab, bone marrow and some weird dessert that we cracked open with a spoon
  11. Kougin Amann
    Best kougin amann I've ever tried. Pastry is so flaky with so many soft layers inside.
  12. Le filet
    Food was great, no complaints but nothing particularly stood out a lot or was memorable. Best dish was the pasta
  13. Lawrence
    Cute brunch place. Inside is kind of small and they have good lattes. Food was interesting and good, not typical American brunch but would recommend
  14. Eleven Madison Park
    Food was great but did not live up to expectations. I expected more but did enjoy many dishes, especially the caviar 'eggs Benedict'
  15. Nakazawa
    Sushi and sashimi was great, no real complaints except sometimes sauce a little much on my sushi for my taste. Honestly expected slightly more from such a high profile name. Overall pleased though.
  16. French laundry
    French laundry never disappoints. Consistently one of my favorite restaurants even with such high expectations each time. The king crab, yellowtail, and the classic "oyster with pearls" we're the highlights this time
  17. Sushi of Gari
    Very interesting sushi! Probably the most creative in ingredients to accompany on top of the sushi. I did enjoy it a lot especially the cooked tomato on salmon. However I prefer normal sushi
  18. The nomad
    Great place and atmosphere. I enjoyed the natural light of the dining room. Food was great, and the presentation of the chicken was awesome. Iris really loves the milk and honey dessert. The bread was very hard to resist
  19. Asiate
    Good view of the park and city. Food is mediocre and so was the service. Would not really recommend
  20. Amada
    Our favorite tapas restaurant! The chicken with fried egg on top was incredible. Blew my mind. This place was very surprisingly good and every small dish was a hit. Another note worthy one was the octopus
  21. El vez
    Boozy brunch - Mexican brunch. Fun atmosphere and drinks and decent food
  22. Dinics
    Best sandwiches in philly. Loved the broccoli rabb inside with the pulled pork and cheese
  23. Morimoto
    Decent not great. Sushi set was good and quite enjoyable and the tuna tartar was the best dish.
  24. Lucy's whey
    Great grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Good spot for charcuterie
  25. Yefsi Estiatorik
    Decent Mediterranean seafood. Classic grilled fish dish was good as well as octopus.
  26. Dieci
    Amazing Japanese Italian cuisine. Everything was well done and very creative. Highly recommend
  27. Scarpetta
    Decent Italian place. Food was good but not memorable
  28. Bouley
    Best chicken I've ever had. Chicken is so tender and done perfectly. The fresh farm egg dish is also one of my favorite dishes. Highly recommend this place for lunch
  29. Hinoki and the bird
    A lot of interesting creative dishes that were good but not that great
  30. Felidia
    Overall decent Italian place. Small restaurant and good food but not too memorable
  31. Le Bernadin
    One of my favorite if not my favorite restaurant in New York. The flattened tuna over four gras is always a classic and the langoustine was phenomenal.
  32. Nougatine
    One of iris's favorite place. She loved the tuna tartare even though she usually doesn't like this type of dish. Can go for restaurant week