Thoughts of a girl on a first date, part one
  1. I hope he's not already sitting down.
  2. But if he is, will he stand up? Will I recognize him? I hope he goes for the hug and not a handshake.
  3. Oh, a text. I'm sure it's Nani.
  4. Oh, it's him. Girl Scout cookies? So cute.
  5. What if he thinks my favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor is weird
  6. Ah, Real Change. Gotta stop. Can never just walk by. I wonder if he can see me?
  7. Well, just gonna look down as I cross the street so I don't accidentally make awkwardly long eye contact if I do see him
  8. Yup that's him with those LL Bean shoes and Girl Scout cookies
  9. So glad he's waiting outside. Wonder who he's texting.
  10. Ok, that wasn't an awkward hug. I wonder if he can tell how nervous I am
  11. Damn these people are serious about there gluten free place
  12. We just made the same joke. I hope he thinks I'm funny
  13. G, why are you opening with a story about chasing a mouse
  14. Oh man I'm going to have to admit I don't like spicy stuff. Or maybe I can just remain silent and have a couple of sips. No, be real with yourself G. You're gonna die.
  15. Wow he's really cute
  16. I wonder if he's going to realize that I creeped on his Instagram
  17. No I think I'm good. Just act surprised when he tells you he also plays cribbage with his family.
  18. And had a car that was more of a story than a reliable mode of transportation
  19. Everybody creeps on Insta. It's normal. Right? Did he creep on mine?
  20. I can't stop talking about the Focus. I need to. This is not interesting. But I don't know what else to say.
  21. Man I'd like to get my hands in that beard
  22. I wonder if he thinks I'm cute