It was an educational visit
  1. When it comes to steaming milk for lattes, foam first, then heat ☕️
  2. Destination Imagination is a big part of the homeschooling experience in Auburn, Maine
  3. Teaching kids fencing lessons is an acceptable payment for being allowed to park your van in a stranger's driveway
  4. Kids in Maine have nightmares about lobsters
  5. Having a family discover the MBTI at the dinner table makes for interesting conversation
  6. All dogs love me
  7. $10 for painting a fence is a pretty low wage, even in 2004
  8. There's a jail next to a YMCA. This is very confusing
  9. Only fools use Craigslist to buy a car in Maine. It's all about Uncle Henry's
  10. But most importantly, @bennymawhinney was a very well-costumed tap dancer