1. Bitmoji
    My mom made me write "bitmoji" on a post-it note and put it on the kitchen cabinet so she would remember to download it
  2. Dating etiquette
    There's a column in The Boston Globe Magazine called Dinner With Cupid, where two people are set up on a blind date and then interviewed about it. My parents love reading this. A woman got to the place early and ordered an appetizer before her date arrived. There was a heated discussion about whether or not that was appropriate. Mom flint: "it shows she wanted him to have food right when he arrived!" Dad flint: "that's ridiculous. No wonder he didn't like her."
  3. Dueces
    While discussing a problem written about in an advice column in The Boston Globe, I said "she needs to just say deuces and move on". My parents were fascinated by this.
  4. Unstoppable : the movie
    I asked my dad about an incident with a train in Boston and it somehow turned in to a full on reenactment of the movie Unstoppable (about an unstoppable train) starring Denzel Washington, as well as a comparison to the true event the movie was based off of.
  5. Bees
    My parents keep bees. Mom: "Neal, should we get a second hive this year?" Dad: "I read something online that said you should get a new queen each year." Mom: "that's not an answer to my question." Me: "just get a second hive. And don't kill your queen every year. That's mean."
  6. Changing your last name when getting married
    Explained to my dad that the cultural norm for women, but not men, to change their last name when married is a result of patriarchy. He kept insisting that "it's just cultural, not patriarchal". Best quote: "so what if you have a hyphenated last name and then your kid marries someone with a hyphenated last name? They're gonna have four last names!" - dad flint
  7. Investment strategies
    After seeing The Big Short my mom wanted to know if my dad and I had any new thoughts on investing our finances. I told her I didn't have finances, just a shit ton of student loan debt. But I will not be investing in mortgage backed securities if I ever make any money, just FYI, mom. Best quote: "we invest biblically" - mom flint.
  8. Movie seating
    I had not one, but three conversations with my dad about the new phenomenon of having to pick your seat when you buy a movie ticket. After we saw a movie we had to wait for everyone to leave the theater so he could test out different seats and then make note of the best ones for next time.
  9. Photo filters
    I helped my mom buy some new makeup and the next day she was feeling her look and asked me to take a picture of her before she left for work. She wasn't thrilled with the picture until I put a filter on it and she about fell over. I added a photo editing app to the bitmoji post it note.