Procrastination is the spice of life.
  1. Scrolled through Instagram and wondered what it would be like to be famous on the gram.
  2. Deleted Instagram because I was bored with it.
  3. Opened Snapchat, saw no new stories, and wondered who are the snappers I'm not following that have the good stories and how do I find them.
  4. Thought about going to the library. Didn't.
  5. Tracked my National Geographic Road Atlas package and wondered why Nat Geo takes two weeks to ship a package it's like are they just getting their intern to drop it off when he comes to Seattle on vacation cause they spent my shipping money on saving the rhinos.
  6. Thought about what to eat for breakfast and I think I'll have Cheerios and eggs. As two separate dishes. Or maybe together?
  7. Typed the word "maybe" and then thought about that girl from Arrested Development and wondered if she ever did any more shows.
  8. Plugged in my Jawbone to see how much I slept and wondered why, even when I don't have to get up early for anything in particular, I sleep less than 7 hours.
  9. Thought about what I should do in Seattle before I leave and decided hiking would be good but then remembered my asthma is being a bitch and then I cried.
  10. Wondered about when I clean out my kitchen cabinet how many of my spices would I discover are expired and that I had been using and what happens when you ingest expired spice.
  11. Downloaded Instagram again.
  12. Deleted it again.
  13. Cried.